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Your Challenge Includes:

Interested in taking on our latest Challenge but don’t know what to expect? We’ve got all your answers right here! After joining the challenge- just $24 for non-members, FREE to Members- you will be automatically added to our challenge content and connected group. There, you will receive all of this in one convenient spot. (Printed versions also available, upon request!)


At the end of each daily homework, you will be prompted to answer a 5 question questionnaire to help us track your points so you can WIN PRIZES! (Having trouble joining? Call/ text Liza at 937-875-7082 or email us at:



  • Daily Workouts: All of our Live- Streaming classes are included in this package- PLUS- for just $5 during the challenge dates for September 13- October 10, participate in our In-Studio classes for just $5! ...Don’t have time to make it to one of our super fun scheduled classes? No worries! Also included in our Fall Challenge are written daily HIIT or Yoga workouts! (Salsa City Schedule)

  • Homework Assignments: Get daily affirmations, encouragement, journaling prompts, how to’s for at home measurement taking, and learn more on the whys and hows for practical/ healthy lifestyle change!

  • Accountability: Accessible through our website’s Challenge tab (or through our “Spaces” app), attached to the “Fall in Love with a Healthier YOU” challenge is a private group where you and other participants can have a platform to share tips, questions, encouragement, and get extra resources to walk you through each step! Private Group (internet version)   Private Group (App Version)

  • Recipes: Get access to specially crafted -Salsa City exclusive- recipes geared toward helping you to eat clean, shed unwanted weight, and stay fuller longer. Plus gain the tools necessary as we walk you through an easy process to begin daily tracking food choices to get and keep you focused!

  • Magic Metabolism Mixers & Mix-Ins: Well, these potions are not quite magic, but our special blends of long trusted super foods really do work almost like magic by helping us to cleanse from the inside out! Achieve a more healthy glow to skin, hair, and nails; boost your metabolism; keep from feeling less bloated; stay satisfied longer and avoid unhealthy cravings; look and feel younger and stronger by adding in our special concoctions!


We’re so confident in your results that we challenge you to join us for four weeks- we guarantee you will experience positive change and will tackle the season feeling encouraged and refreshed!
This 4 week challenge is FREE for members (only $24 for non members), and comes with homework, recipes, all of our live streaming workouts with $5 in-studio option upgrades, on-demand classes to do at your own pace, and so much more (click the link below for the complete list).With all of this in mind and knowing you will be in a community of love, acceptance, and growth, you literally have nothing to lose other than maybe some unhealthy habits and pounds! Why wait? Join us TODAY

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