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Energize. Exhale. Empower.


Dance/ Cardio classes: Zumba, Swerk, Bellydancing Body Fit, Cardio Drumming, Pound, and Bungee Bounce. (Dance: Weekly Bellydancing/ Seasonal Dance Instruction)



Stretching Classes: Vinyasa, Gentle & Basic Flows, Warm Power Yoga, Basic Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Yoga Trapeze; Massage; Medical, Relaxation, Hot Stone, & more


TONING CLASSES varying in weight and resistance: Barre Intensity, Indoor Cycling, Rhythm Ride & Weights, Kettlebell, Barbell Pump, Abs in 15, & Sculpt in 15; SELF-DEFENSE: Krav Maga; NUTRITION: Weekly Coaching




(drop-in rates listed below)



Latin dance and other rhythms fused with fitness aerobics- forget the workout, join the party! (Mon., Tues., Thur.) $12 drop in

The world's first cardio jam session inspired but the infectious, energizing, and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums. (Thur.) $12 drop in

Dance, Stretch, & Relax in this dance-based stretch class with mindfulness that leaves you feeling like you've had a full-body massage (Sun.) $12 drop in

Pop and hip hop songs to sweat and work your way to weight loss and toned bodies! (Wed) $12 drop in

Cardio Drumming- utilizing choreographed dance movements and cardio intervals with the fun of drumming. (Tues.) $12 drop in

BELLYDANCING: Learn this traditional art for fun or performance; all shapes, sizes, & abilities welcome, Weekly on Saturdays (Sat.) $15


SEASONAL DANCE INSTRUCTION: Offered quarterly ranging from traditional Latin styles to Swing and more $15

Simple belly dance moves to bring out your best version of YOU through dance fitness and fun! (Sat.) $12 drop in 

Jump, squat, FLY using a harness & bungee cord for a low-impact/ high cardio, full body strength training fitness dance party! (Wed.) $15


We're going to warm it up to around 75 degrees for traditional, therapeutic, binds and gentle Vinyasa flow poses to bring healing and awareness to the body.(Mon., Sat.)  $12

Yoga Trapeze, includes pushing, pulling, holding, twists, backbends, forward bends, hip opening; develop core & upper body strength, improve flexibility, assist with yoga poses, traction the spine, calm your nerves, and leave class floating on air. (Thur.) $15

Beginner Yoga is a 45 minute class that provides a gentle introduction to the numerous physical and mental benefits that Yoga offers.  (Sat.)  $12

Bring restoration and healing with our Medical and Relaxation massage services, starting at $1.25/ min.(By Appointment, See More Here)

Antigravity Yoga involving exercises inspired by Yoga, Pilates, and acrobatics performed with the use of a hammock swing. (Wed.) $15


A fun, energetic workout that utilizes a ballet barre and fuses dance, Pilates, and yoga to get long, lean, tone, muscles and perk up the hardest to work areas (Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur., Fri.) $12

Primarily utilizing barbell plates, build strength and develop athletically cut muscles to a choreographed pattern of music (Mon., Tues., Fri) $12

One on one 30 minute meetings, personalizing goals, weigh-ins, measurements, meal planning, inspiration, accountability, tips on healthy eating, caloric intake, BMI, fitness regimens, and more! By Appointment; Incl. Bronze/ Silver/ Platinum Memberships

Utilizing a special stationary bicycle you will pedal your way to burning (on average) 150-250 cal per 30 minutes. The class focuses on strength, endurance, high intensity, intervals and recovery. (Tue, Wed, Sat.) $12

Kettlebell utilizes 5/10/ or 15 pound weights. Up to 10 people. This 45 class is a high-intensity-ballistic workout designed to help conquer your fitness goals. (Mon.) $12

Experience the ultimate fusion of fitness with our new indoor spin class with hand weights! This high-energy workout is a 30 minute class. (Sat.) $12

Krav Maga©- This contact combat self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces consists of techniques sourced from Aikido, judo, boxing, wrestling, and fight training (Tue., Thur.) $15

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