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Have you ever dreaded cardio? At Salsa City Fitness you will discover a whole new world of Fitness FUN with classes that focus on Fitness Parties and moving to the beat of motivating music that makes you want to keep going! We have many options to choose from in a judgment free community of people just like you- who are wanting to better themselves and make friends and have a great time while doing it! Take the work out of the workouts and come join us at Salsa City Fitness today!

  • ZUMBA© fitness- Latin dance and other rhythms fused with fitness aerobics- forget the workout, join the party!

  • JUMPS- An energetic, fun, and motivating cardio workout designed to get your heart rate up and slim you down using rebound boots that act as shock absorbers to reduce impact on joints (reservations encouraged) "Jumps" is an all new explosive fusion of fitness and fun using a trampoline- like feeling of weightlessness that not only increases the Fun-Effect, but more importantly decreases joint stress! As with many other forms of aerobics, which can have high impact movements that can damage and jar joints,the  moves within this class are easy to follow and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity, as you progress. This program suits a broad range of class attendees regardless of fitness level. While utilizing plyometric explosive techniques, these rebound shoes maximize effort, while preventing damaging impact to the joints and challenging the whole body both building muscular strength and cardio-respiratory endurance simultaneously! Added benefits include: Burn 20% more calories than with the use of regular fitness shoes, Promote better balance and posture by properly aligning your spine, Receive 80% less strain on joints because of the cushioned dispersion of impact, Increase bone density by stimulating body osteoblasts to create more bone cells aiding in the prevention of the onset of osteoporosis.

  • CARDIO DRUMMING- utilizing choreographed dance movements and cardio intervals with the fun of drumming (reservations encouraged)

  • POUND- the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, & sweat dripping fun of playing the drums.

  • VERAFLOW- Find your true flow in this unique fusion of dance, stretch, and mindfulness. Leave class feeling, relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, as we incorporate, a mix of ethnic, modern, and even ballet inspired dance styles with stretching poses geared to target over worked and often painful areas of tightness- gently releasing and unwinding these muscles, giving you more range of motion and less discomfort in your day to day activities. The last half of our class also integrates floor stretches and ends with essential oils and a relaxing final resting pose. 

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Dance Fitness/ Cardio

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