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Challenge WINS

By joining our challenge- just $24 for non-members, FREE to Members- not only will you be surrounded by a community of like-minded instructors and students that will help you to realize your goals by encouraging change from the inside out and creating a lifestyle of health, but you will have the added incentive of earning points toward BIG PRIZES!


What better way to spice up your health goals than by adding a little competition? The best part is, all of it is optional- so no pressure, it’s YOU versus YOU! Make this challenge as much or as little as you want. This challenge is for everyone and designed to work for you, when and how you need it most! Everyone receives points that go toward drawings at the end of the four weeks- simply by joining, you receive your first point!  


Points are valued by the following- think, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

  • Daily Workouts: 5 pts./ ea.

  • Daily Homework:  4 pts.

  • Social Media tagging #SCTEAMFIT: 3 pts./ ea.

  • Daily Food Intake tracking: 2 pts.

  • Magic Metabolism Boosters: 1 pt./ ea.

Points are tracked via the challenge tab after joining (printed versions are available upon request- message us of you have trouble joining at How much you play the game is how many chances you have to win these prizes and more:

WIN these and more:

  • Salsa City Tumblers

  • Salsa City Tank/ Tee

  • 30 Minute Massage

  • 2 Week Studio Premium Membership

  • Class passes

  • 30 minute Personal training

  • 30 minute Nutritional Coaching session

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