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Frequently Asked Questions

...get answers to the most frequently asked questions

***Welcome Back Safety Guidelines***

Q.: How can I make my back to In-Studio classes safe and comfortable for all?


A. We're glad you asked! Please take a moment to review these back to Studio guidelines to make your visit safe and comfortable for all! 

  • Please book your class through the Mind Body app or the Salsa City Fitness website (walk ins acceptable at your own risk classes may be full).

  • If you are unable to attend your booked class please cancel so that another student can attend. You will have 1 hour prior to class time to do so after that Mind Body won't allow any cancellations. At the discretion of Salsa City Fitness a class charge may be charged if we find that people are not canceling.

  • When entering the front door, please use hand sanitizer.

  • Please come to the desk for class check in we will sign everyone in and keep track of your attendance.

  • Bring your own sweat towels.

  • Bring your own yoga mat when needed for class and it must go home with you.

  • Bathrooms will be open.

  • Wait in your car or outside until the previous class leaves, entering no sooner than 5-10min. prior to class time.

  • No social gatherings in any rooms.

  • There will be X's on the floor so you will know where to stand which will be 6 feet apart from one another.

  • We are anticipating 10 people in a class.

  • Please stay home if you are not feeling 100%

  • Masks are not required, however if you would like to take class with one on that is up to you. Please bring our own.

  • The studio will be sanitized and cleaned in between classes and deep cleaning nightly.... Thank you for following these guidelines and making the studio a safe place for all!


***Streaming Classes***


Q: I want to take a drop in, $3 Streaming Class, how do I sign up?


A. Sign up at our "Schedule page" and follow the prompts for payment to be added to the roster. You can also sign up easily via the MINDBODY app, available for download in your app store; add Salsa City to your favorites and create an account to sign into classes.

Q: I don't want the hassle of paying per class, can I pay a flat rate for Unlmited Streaming?


A. Unlimited Streaming  is available for $24/ mo. and is cancellable anytime; just email us: or call/ text: (37) 875-7082 to cancel!

Q: How do I join my Drop In Virtual Class?


A. A link to join your class will be emailed and/ or texted to the information you supplied to us prior to class time; please check your email spam/ junk folder. Email: or call/ text: (937) 875-7082 if you don't see it or have questions.

Q:I am an Unlimited Streaming Member, how do I access all of the class links?


A. Go to the ""Virtual Class Links" tab, enter in the Password (if you have lost it or need it re-sent to you email: or call/ text: (937) 875-7082 for us to reconcile your account and supply you with the password. Once you have accessed this Member's Only page, click the class you want to attend; the live class will open for you when you click the location link.

Q: I'm an Unlimited Streaming Member, do I need to still "sign up" for classes?

A.Technically, you are not required to sign up for classes, but this helps our desk manager track who attended classes and get our roster straight for bookkeeping and tracking in the system. 

Q: I don't want the hassle of paying per class, can I pay a flat rate for Unlmited Streaming?


A. Unlimited Streaming  is available for $24/ mo. and is cancellable anytime; just email us: or call/ text: (37) 875-7082 to cancel!

Q: I was a member prior to the fitness center shut-downs, where does my membership status currently stand?

A. We tried to get the word out to all of our members but in case we missed you, we automatically suspended all prior memberships until we reintroduced the new Streaming Only website and then downgraded everyone into a Streaming Membership (except the Intro Members whose 30 day Intro packages have maintained suspension until we resumefitness center business ), cancellable upon the member's request. 

Q: I am not receiving all of the emails from the studio. How can I be added to the list?


A. There are usually a number of reasons for this: we have two different email platforms and sometimes one or the other reads some of our own pictures and content as being plagiarized though it is all our own. Depending on which platform you are signed up for (the website hosts it's own platform), you may have not received the email from the other. This situation is extremely rare but can and has happened. Another issue is many times our emails go into a junk/ spam folder and aren't readily seen. Also, we may have either been unable to read the email that was given to us or have incorrectly input your email by mistake. Please notify us with these issues at or call/ text: (937) 875-7082. Please note:  all emails are also added to the Facebook and Instagram pages and can be read from these platforms as well. Follow us at "Salsa City Fitness" on both Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

Q: When I try to sign up for a class on my own, why is the system asking me to pay for a class when I am a member?


A. Register in our system to get access to all of your account information through Salsa City Fitness If you have already registered and are still having trouble, we might have to reconcile multiple accounts. Please contact us via email: or call/ text: (937) 875-7082 so we can be alerted of this issue and get it cleared up for you- we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Q: My streaming connection is lagging; what can I do?


A. Even within the same building, internet provider and package, class streaming quality WILL BE AFFECTED if the student is not viewing their class through a computer. It is doable to take your class through a phone but you may very well experience some quality issues. Also, if you do not high speed internet, you may also experience some glitches. Our end has been tested and re-tested and verified to having the best possible quality for you the student. If you have tried these tips and are still experiencing connecting difficulties, please email us: or call/ text us at (937) 875-7082 and we will be happy to walk through the set up with you!

Q: How do I access my live streaming video through Zoom?


A. When you click on our video streaming platform/ "Zoom," the class should automatically open for you. You might get asked random questions that we have done our best to take off for you, BUT if you do, just choose the first options for questions about dial in, etc.; you will eventually get where you need to go. You do NOT need to upgrade or even download Zoom in order to use this service. We, as the host, have upgraded to enable our users to access the links and longer class durations without you, as the student, as having to pay anything or being a member. Here is a short video on more if you still feel uncertain and need more questions answered. If you have tried these tips and are still experiencing difficulties, please email us: or call/ text us at (937) 875-7082 and we will be happy to walk through the set up with you!

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