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2024 New Year’s Challenge

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I’ve been waking up to a half of a freshly squeezed lemon before my coffee for almost a year. I love how it tastes so refreshing and helps to kickstart my kidneys before I hit them with all that dehydrating coffee! What are some tips in your day that keep you on your wellness goals? Share them in the comments! Have a great day team! 🫶🥰💪

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Cathy Lucente
Katy Copas
Cathy Lucente
Cathy Lucente
Jan 04

I meal prep all my lunches for the week on the weekend so I eat cheaper and typically healthier than if I were to buy food in the hospital cafeteria or eat out during the week.

I also got a cold brew coffee maker for Christmas that makes coffee so smooth and delicious that I am cutting down on my sugar free creamer that I’m using. My goal is to cut out the extra creamer altogether and just drink black cold brew in the mornings.



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