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Abs'oluetely Amazing

Come June, new years fitness resolutions seem to fade into a wintery blur, but summer is in full swing, and with the blazing hot temps comes the opportunity to flaunt a taut midriff in a cute crop top.

If you didn't follow through on your resolutions for the first half of 2022, fret not; more than half the year is yet to unfold, and we are here to help you crush your fitness goals.

Speaking of summer, toned abs are always trending. From Jane Fonda and her high-energy aerobics in the '80s to Jenifer Lopez in the recent 'Goli' advertisement, everyone wants a slim waistline, and we are all for it.

In order to maximize the efficiency of our efforts, let's take a look at the science behind the trim tummy trend. Beyond the attractiveness of a low waist-to-hip ratio, a slim waist can help reduce the risk of heart conditions and improve energy levels. If you want to reduce the inches off your waistline, keep reading.

With hundreds of fitness enthusiasts, models, and actors promoting their brands, products, and business, social media can be full of misinformation that can sidetrack your fitness journey.

Influencers often flaunt flat stomachs and credit the results to spot reduction treatments and workouts, but in reality, you need to lose weight overall to lose weight around your waist.

Factually speaking, a combination of dietary changes and exercise should help you get results.

Let's talk about abs. If you desire a muscular midriff, you will first have to bring your weight into the normal range for your age and height.

Fat deposits called subcutaneous belly fat often rest around the lower abdomen; the only way to target these deposits is by following a healthy, calorie deficit diet and a fitness regime that is a combination of cardio and strength training.

Our nutritional coach and fitness trainers can help you curate a customized plan tailored to fit your lifestyle.

While you work towards your goal weight, incorporate fitness classes such as yoga, barre, Zumba, and spin to help target muscles along your abdominal region. You might not notice the work just yet, but underneath the fat, your muscles will begin to build and get toned.

At Salsa City Fitness, we offer an assortment of fitness classes designed to target various muscle groups and help our clients build a strong core.

A strong core is a backbone of fitness; abdominal muscles are engaged in even the lightest workouts, and as the workouts intensify, so does the demand on the abs. A strong core helps reduce the chances of injury, improves posture, and maximizes the effectiveness of workouts.

Looking for a workout program to help tone your abs this summer? It's not too late to join us for a short and sweet abs challenge.

This Abs'oluetely amazing challenge includes nutritious recipes, Live Stream & On-Demand fitness classes, and access to some absolutely amazing targeted toning exercises.

Salsa City Studio is taking the typical Abs Challenge to another level by not only incorporating fitness but also nutrition and a healthy mind too.

In this five-day challenge, you can begin toning your abs and reduce excess body fat throughout the body for the summer.

Learn how to prevent excess fat from building up in the body for future success and lifestyle change, starting with why all of your efforts to reduce your belly pooch are producing little to no results.

Discover natural supplements that can aid in thinning out your middle.

Get our lean green smoothie recipe and access to nearly 100 Salsa City-approved meals and more.

Get a printable meal planning guide,

Build a strong core and tone your muscles this summer, not just for that beach bikini but for the whole health of your body, mind, and spirit.

Challenge starts May 30th- June 3. Don't miss out. Join now!

Fitness Fact: Not everyone with a flat stomach has strong abdominal muscles. Like any other muscle in the body, the abs have to be consistently trained with core workouts to help them gain strength and tone.

Let us know how we can help you meet and exceed your weight loss goals; come chat with us at Salsa City Studio today.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness, Troy.

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