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They took the plunge, why don’t you?

We’d like to introduce you to Suzanne, one of our latest members, and her long time friend and Salsa City member, Shalin!

If you haven’t met Shalin, she has been a faithful, sometimes three a day workout enthusiast at the studio for the last two years and we couldn’t appreciate her support and dedication more! With Shalin’s encouragement, Suzanne has now joined the studio and is loving it every bit as much as her bestie tried to tell her she would- and we are loving having this inseparable pair join us for classes together!

See, in this brief interview, the different hurdles each faced with stepping through the doors for the first time and what they discovered along the way that helped to get them better aligned with their fitness goals!


Meet Shalin and Suzanne:

Q. 1) What were you apprehensions about first coming to the studio?

*Shalin: I felt it would be  intimidating as I was so out of shape, but really I was just so unmotivated/ greatly in need of and thankful for the challenge - “Falling in Love with a Healthier You.”

*Suzanne: My apprehension was intimation with being out of shape and in a group setting. Shalin has been inviting me for quite some time. She would tell me how much she enjoys SCF and I am so happy for her. I finally was frustrated enough with my fitness level that I just had to jump in.

Q. 2) What were your first impressions on the studio?

*Shalin: I was impressed with how it has grown and transformed from when I had been there a few years prior.

*Suzanne: My first impression was awesome! I’m impressed by the welcoming professionalism, kindness and genuineness of the instructors. I also appreciate the variety of classes. It’s helpful to have a friend as Shalin has encouraged me to try classes outside of my comfort zone and I’m thankful as they have all been so fun. I look forward to Zumba and even Aerial yoga. The workout rooms are perfect for what we do. I especially like the lights and music used while working out! It’s also a valued benefit that you offer the discount on massages and clothes. I’m looking forward to treating myself to some clothes once I start reaching my goals.

Q. 3) What helped you take the plunge and join the 30 day intro and what did you like about it?

*Shalin: The challenge as it gave me the necessary motivation, set goals, have accountability and I learned so much. It was amazing how it was not only transforming my body but also my mind and spirit.

*Suzanne: My friend Shalin encouraged me to take the plunge. She sold me that I could try unlimited classes for only $29 for 30 days and that she would workout with me. That’s a no brainer since I was finally ready to do the work. The 30 day intro has been so rewarding in trying different classes and that I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Q. 4) What inspires you to make and keep your fitness goals?

*Shalin: Salsa City is a definite inspiration that keeps me focused on my goals and fitness journey with all the different classes offered and the wonderful instructors that make every class fun and  so enjoyable.

*Suzanne: I’m inspired by my friend Shalin and the positive and motivating fitness instructors at SCF. I have a vision for my goals. My biggest challenge is to be patient. Fitness is a habit and as it’s becoming a habit it becomes easier and easier to challenge myself forward.

Q. 5) What are some ways you have grown stronger and maybe have see yourself doing things you didn’t think you’d be capable of doing while on your wellness journey through Salsa City?

*Shalin: I challenged myself to participate in most the classes that SCF offers and in doing so my strength, flexibility, and overall mindset has far exceeded what I thought I would be capable of.  It’s even better now that I have the opportunity of experiencing these things with one of my nearest and dearest friends as they start their journey in what SCF has to offer.

*Suzanne: I have accountability to show up and meet Shalin and that Suzie is actually tracking… so if I sign up I better show up! The variety of classes also keeps me from getting bored. It’s also inspiring that Liza is a walking fitness model (LOL!!). Shalin has helped encourage me to get outside my comfort zone, Bungee Bounce for example, and I will be trying Zumba and Aerial Yoga which I never would have without her and the available classes.


Maybe you can identify with some of the challenges and concerns with stepping foot inside of a new facility? These ladies have found accountability in reaching their goals by making it a team effort and strengthening their friendship through connection in wellness. Salsa City is all about community and fun- if you haven’t tried us out, now is the perfect time to fall into new habits of taking time to better yourself from the inside out with our $29/ 30 day trial! Better yet, mention this blog for a “Bring Your Own Babe” deal now through September and get matching Salsa City shirts when you sign up with a friend!

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Grace s
Grace s
Aug 24, 2022

Love you two!! 😊😄

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