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Here is a brief rundown of all our 30 Day nutritional package:

• $59.99/ 30 days

-Initial Consultation

-SCTeamFIT Manual

-Measurements/ Weigh-In Tracking

-Online Coaching+

-Recipes/ Meal Planning Helps

-Live-Streaming/ On Demand SCF classes

***What is Included:***

Includes: •30 Days Weekly Nutritional Coaching •Physical Health Assesment •Initial Weight and Body Measurements •Before/ After pics •SCTeamFIT Manual with approved food lists, journaling prompts, and more •Online Recipes •Tracking sheets •Individualized Suggested Calorie Intake •Individualized Suggested Macro Intake •Intermittent Fasting Option & support handouts


Welcome to “Salsa City TeamFIT!” Salsa City helps you track, not just fitness goals, but nutritional health as well- giving you a complete way to physically build your healthiest version of yourself! TeamFIT will have you at your best version of YOU. Reach your nutritional goals and feel and look your best! Nutrition coach, Liza Harbour, under the direction of licensed Dietitian, Kathy Van Etten, will be utilizing measurements, leading weekly online food tracking assessments, and implementing proven strategies and more to keep you on track with your fitness goals. We can all use encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and some extra know-how and reminders to have a plan for success and see tangible results. With SCTeamFIT, you will find all the support you need and more! Whether you want to lose weight; reduce inflammation; implement healthier, nutritive rich foods into yours and or your family’s diets; or just want to overall feel and look better- this program is for you! How it Works: Get inspired and Connected with personalized accountability and connection, weekly measurements, personalized goal planning, handouts and more- all aimed at the same goal of achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle to help you feel like your best version of yourself! Learn strategies, meal prep ideas, tried and trusted recipes, weekly weigh-ins and measurements in a private setting, and much more for tips to be proactive and successful! Join us today!

30 Days Weekly Nutritional Coaching

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