We’re excited to announce we’ll be offering a Salsa Bootcamps- a latin partner dancing bootcamp for beginners on Wednesdays in March, in the styles of Salsa (7:15-8pm) and Bachata (8pm-8:45). Enrollment is limited to provide for a higher level of teacher interaction with each of the students.

Salsa is an energetic and fun partner dance with lots of flashy twists and turns, to upbeat latin music with many different percussion rhythms and brass instruments. We will be teaching LA Style Salsa which is the style that you have probably seen on Dancing with the Stars on ABC.
Bachata is the latin "slow" dance that is danced all around the world in many different unique variations and tempos, but we will be teaching a simple version that is playful and romantic and is an easy dance to get beginners moving and having fun while learning something new.

Each class will begin with a footwork warm-up followed by partner work that builds upon what was learned in the previous week(s). Dance students will learn skills and techniques that enable them to have fun and look good on floor while avoiding injury for either themselves and their partner.

Bootcamp Timing and Cost***
•Wed. in March/ 4 wk. course
•Salsa instruction: 7:15-8pm
•Bachata instruction: 8-8:45pm

•$100/ one format
•$120 both formats 

•$80/ one format
•$100 both formats
Contact Salsa City Fitness to sign up!
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ONE FORMAT- Single’s Salsa or Bachata, 4 week session


    We are located east of I-75,  in the same building as Little Caesar's Pizza, off of Main Street (St. Rt. 41) / Troy, OH, & across from Taco Bell. 


    (937) 875-7082


    29 S Norwich Rd. 

    Troy, OH 45373