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2024 New Year’s Challenge

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Completed 14 days of Summer shape up fitness and fun!Summer Shape Up 2021
These members have completed our 2024 New Year Challenge!2024 Wellness Star!

Some of you have already shared some of your wins! How about the rest of the group? Wins can be big or little! Let’s celebrate our wins together! My fitness pal food log entries aren‘t squeaky clean at all BUT my win is that I have entered in each day for the last ten days since the start of the challenge! One of our 5 daily goals is to drink enough water. Remember, the winner of the challenge receives one of these cups! 30 ounces of water is a great way to add in more- about two of these tumblers full and you’ve got it! If you’d like to purchase one, you get a special discount of half off. Use code “NewYearCup” at checkout to claim your exclusive deal just by being a part of the 2024 New Year’s group! Check out my product!

Brenda James
Cathy Lucente Use code NewYearCup at checkout for half off!



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