Strength Training Classes in Troy, OH

(Basic Pricing Options)


Barbell Sculpt

While primarily utilizing a barbell and plates, this class will build strength and develop athletically cut muscles to a choreographed pattern of music (reservations encouraged) Build athletic cut, lean muscle while producing endurance and stamina with our strength classes that sculpt and mold your body into the defined machine you have always wanted while not sacrificing flexibility for bulk!

Barre Intensity

Utilizing a ballet barre and fusing dance, Pilates, and yoga, get long, lean, tone, muscles and perk up the hardest to work areas

Sculpt in 15

15 minutes of targeted sculpting using a yoga ball, hand weights, and resistance bands to target large muscle groups to tone problem areas.


Focusing not only on building a strong core as the foundation for gaining overall physical strength but also incorporating nutritional health, homework, weekly classes, a support network, measurements, and trackable progress with in-studio assessments and more, enable your body to Change, Overcome, Resolve and Evolve into your best you.

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