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Plan Your Class Visit


At Salsa City,
we’re all about community,
so we have a group fitness class for everyone!

First time at Salsa City Studio?

Don't want to go alone?

Or maybe you've been a few times but would like a tour of the building & meet some people?

Plan your Class now & we will:


  • reserve a parking spot for you

  • meet you at the front door

  • Introduce you to some great people

  • give you a tour of the studio

  • save you a spot in class 

  • make sure you meet your Instructor

  • leave with a special gift

No membership required!

Whether you struggle with weight, movement, age, or any other factor that you feel could keep you from taking that first step and exploring the many options we offer, you'll feel encouraged by the authentic community we have at Salsa City Studio. You can visit as many times as you want without memberships, obligations, or pressure. And who knows—you just might decide to make Salsa City your new fitness family home! As you plan your fitness class visit, here are some things to know.

SCHEDULE Fitness Classes can be scheduled via our schedule tab or feel free to call/ text us at (937) 875-7082 or (937) 776-5314 for questions or assitance. 

TYPES Our fitness classes range from Dance fitness, to Barre, to Yoga and lots more! Plus, we offer personal training based on almost every one of our formats so we literally have something for everyone to help you through your fitness journey and make you comfotable and welcome. You are wanted, accepted, and celebrated at Salsa City!


PRICING Our Classes are grouped into three categories: 1) ONLINE 2) BASIC 3) PREMIUM. Classes are able to be paid via three ways: 1) Drop-In 2) Pre-Paid Punches 3) Month-to-Month. There are three Drop-In rates: 1) ONLINE- $5 2) BASIC- $10 3)PREMIUM- $15. Pre-Paid Punches are for In-Studio Classes and are the following rates: BASIC- 5/ $35, PREMIUM- 5/ $70. Memberships cycle every 30 days, are cancellable anytime, and are the following prices: 1) ONLINE- $24 2) BASIC- $49 3) *PREMIUM- $69

*Try our Intro Offer, 30 Days/ $29!

We look forward
to seeing you in class!

We don't judge..
We don't care what you weigh...

We don't care how you dress.

We don't care if you have rhythm.
We just want to meet you!
We know it can feel a little overwhelming & awkward attending a fitness class in a new place for the first time.
That's why we offer Plan Your Viisit.
We want to make sure your first visit goes as smoothly as possible, and actually take time to get to know you.

No matter which class you take, there’s a place for you to better yourself from the inside out at Salsa City Studio. To help us get to know you a bit, take a moment to fill out this form. We will have a student host await your arrival, welcome you to the studio, help direct you to your class, show you a brief tour, and answer any questions!

Tel: 937-875-7082

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Find Your Community

Discover Your Passion

Plan Your Experience
*Trying to find your inner strength?

*Looking for something different?

*Need a new tribe?
Plan Your Class Now!

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