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The Anna-Kaci flared pants details a high waist

fit and a hidden back pocket to store small

items such as a credit card. Featuring a sleek

design, wide hems, and a soft material, this

lightweight pant is perfect for either walks or

a casual outing.


* 75% Nylon, 25% Polyester


* Small | Waist: 22" in , Hip: 29.9" in , Length:

41.3" in

* Medium | Waist: 23.6" in , Hip: 31.5" in,

Length: 42.1" in

* Large | Waist: 25.2" in, Hip: 33.1" in, Length:

42.9" in

(BLACK COLOR) High Waist Flare Pants with Stitching

  • This item is part of our exclusive Christmas Activewear Collection!

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