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2024 New Year’s Challenge

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Good morning!! I’m just over here breaking my “fast” with my daily dose of eggs! Do you all like eggs? What are your favorite ways to eat them? Almost everyday I eat cheesy eggs and they keep me full all day long! Do any of you incorporate any type of intermittent fasting? Fasting like this helps the body to eat up broken proteins and clean up the gut. Sometimes the extra around our middle is from things like fatty liver & insulin resistance. Incorporating a healthy keto- even just low (bad) carb driven diet, intermittent fasting, and also consuming at least 8 cups of cruciferous vegetables will clean up the gut, help repair damage, and spark and more efficiently running metabolism! Let me know in the comments or private message me for questions- I’m happy to help! Have a great challenge day, ladies! 🥳🥰

Katy Copas
Cathy Lucente
Cathy Lucente
Jan 11

I got a dozen farm fresh eggs from one of my coworkers this week. Her 3 yr old helps gather them as one of his chores. He calls the hens “the ladies” and told me “the ladies give us lots of eggs” 😂



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