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2024 New Year’s Challenge

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Completed 14 days of Summer shape up fitness and fun!Summer Shape Up 2021
These members have completed our 2024 New Year Challenge!2024 Wellness Star!

Remember each day we have five basic tasks:

1) Mindfulness/ Pray (5-10min.)

2) Lymph massage (5-10 min.)

3) Physical Activity (10+ min.)

4) 8 oz. Water/ daily (or more)

5) Food Diary (input into MyFitnessPal)

MyFitnessPal handle:

…let me know if you don’t see the content and or have questions! Friend me on MyFitnessPal at the above handle, lizaharbour89 - let’s stay accountable together! 🥰 -Liza Pezzimenti Harbour (•Owner/ •Instructor/ •LMT) •Salsa City Fitness & Medical Massage Studio

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