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2024 New Year’s Challenge

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Welcome to all of our 2024 challengers!! I’m so THRILLED to have you babes participate with me! For all of you who know me you know that I can kind of fly by the seat of my pants and this is no different lol I just randomly decided I wanted a little jumpstart into the new year as the end of 2023 had me making decisions that I wouldn’t have normally made plus all the subbing out for my daughters games I just feel so out of it…. BUT this year I’ll be turning 47 in April and I want to meet that bday looking my best yet! The last few weeks I have started implementing more facial massage and lymphatic drainage since I took a passport picture that made me want to vomit… 😩😆 sooooooo… here is what I have currently been trying to do at least daily if not twice a day and I have already noticed big improvements and it has also kept my sinuses nice and cleared out! I hope you all enjoy it! If you want to just do the initial facial massage part minus the gua sha that will also help a lot! HAPPY 2024 BABES- here’s to a spicy new year for us all!! 🥰🥳 Here’s the exclusive link only for you challenge babes😏:

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