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Come challenge yourself this Memorial Day!! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. In honor of Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael Murphy, we invite you to join us in completing the “Murph”, Monday, May 30, 8am. Lieutenant Murphy did this everyday with a 20lbs vest on until the day he died serving our great country! Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project- $15/ person ($10/ members) FREE SHIRT included; sizing and quantities limited and will be given to first prepaid participants. (Indoor/ Outdoor event) Led by personal trainer, Liza; Sam, & Eden H. ***MEMBERS: Use code MEMMURPH for $5 off!

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 squats

1 mile run

“It is a very difficult workout but it is unbelievably rewarding. I highly encourage you to come give it a go! I will have modifications and will stay as long as it takes for everyone to finish!” -Sam H., trainer

Memorial Day Murph Challenge (Entry + Shirt)

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