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Krav Maga Self Defense 
in Troy, Ohio

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  • Danger strikes when we least expect it and in a world of uncertainties and ever changing climates of civil unrest, have you asked yourself the question, "Would I know what to do if faced with a possible threat or even a life or death situation for myself or someone I love?" Don't find yourself as another helpless victim- YOU CAN FIGHT BACK! In this class, learn the most foundational tools to take you from being an easy target to someone able to take charge of a potential threat with self defense fighting techniques. You will also learn how to take and maintain control while on the ground to survive some of the most dangerous types of assaults. Join IKI of Troy and Salsa City Fitness, with instructor and specialist, Jeff Webb, Ohio's only Level III Krav Maga instructor. Having been trained by some of the world's most foremost leaders in the art of self defense and other modalities, his training has been a lifelong pursuit and has included tutelage from renowned leaders straight from Israeli- the home and origination of these techniques, having been developed by the Israeli's own Self Defense fighting forces IKI of Troy is affiliated with Israeli Krav International (IKI) and is the premier Krav Maga self defense school located in Troy, Ohio.  All instructors are members and ranked instructors of IKI.  We do not teach our own version of Krav Maga and our school does not teach other methods of defense. The curriculum at IKI of Troy is strictly what is taught in Israel by IKI.  IKI was founded by Moshe Katz, the current owner and head instructor.


Why we're different

  • We are different than other Krav Maga schools in that weapon defenses are not withheld until a high rank.  Every class will have at least one weapon defense taught.  Anyone willing to do you harm will not decide to forego the knife attack because you haven’t learned it yet.  Because of this, we do not hold back methods of defense to encourage you to stay with us and pay for rank testing.  Your safety is what matters to us!   Therefore, belt ranking is not mandatory but those who wish to pursue belt rankings are certified by Moshe Katz and Jeff Webb.  Ranks are honored at any IKI Krav Maga school world wide and the certificates come from Israel.

  • KRAV MAGA© self defense- This contact combat self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces consists of techniques sourced from aikido, judo, boxing, wrestling, and fight training

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