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OWNER/ ZUMBA®, YOGA TRAPEZE®, VERAFLOW® Instructor/ LMT/ Group Fitness AFAA Certified

I started teaching Zumba in 2006 right after the birth of our fourth child. Though not in terrible shape I was feeling like some of the best years of my life were kind of slipping away in a physical state of mediocrity. I was a member of a local gym and piddled around on an elliptical and an exercise class here and there. Nothing especially struck me as wanting to push myself to work harder and I was constantly catching myself watching the clock. Having been reared in a home where physical activity and taking care of one's self was a normal part of life, I knew I wanted something more but hadn't yet really found my niche.


One day, I noticed a new class being offered- "ZUMBA fitness." I signed up and was completely hooked from day one! I found my passion and love for dance that moved me past any feelings of fatigue and side tracked me from the "work" aspect of working out. I also discovered how much I love bringing excitement and fun into people's lives and seeing them, many times, transform into confident, coordinated, energetic fitness enthusiasts who feel good in the skin they're in! After, by default of having many of my class locations fall through almost at once, Salsa City Fitness was born on almost a weekend whim just to get me through the summer. Now, years later, I'm still loving dance fitness and have found new fitness passions including Yoga, Barre, and other genres as well, that I am blessed to be able to try to pass on to others at the studio.


Along with fitness, I have also found my love of medical, relaxation, and bodywork massage. Having always been a people pleaser and wanting to figure out the "whys" of problems, I have discovered that being forced to be centered and focused on helping someone else is the perfect compliment to the physical aspects of my other job (though I cant say I really consider either fitness or massage a "job!").  Massage is a gift I feel I can give to others but it is also therapeutic for me and I am so blessed to try to minister physically in this way to others.


Yoga eventually was added to my studio while I was in massage school when I met a very talented Yoga instructor who visited my classes. It was in the promotion and attendance of this class and in the teaching I was getting from my massage training that I first realized the importance of yoga and realized the benefits of practicing it for myself. I began exploring other Yoga styles and eventually acquired my Yoga Trapeze® certification in Atlanta and began teaching in 2018. 

I like to view Salsa City Fitness as a second home and the many extremely talented instructors and precious students here as family(Seriously, how did I get so lucky??!) . I feel many others share this view and I am forever grateful to each person who takes time out of their lives to entrust some of their well being and a little bit of their space with us!

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ZUMBA Fitness



Lisa Bigelow

Indoor Spin Cycle Instructor

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Erich Courtad

Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist/ C.O.R.E. FIT Trainer

In my mid to late 30’s I decided to start a healthier lifestyle. I started exercising a few times a week and then slowly changing my eating habits. Now I am in my 40’s and it has become a passion of mine to be the best version of myself.

I graduated from UD in 2000. I have done many things in my career from factory work to restaurant management to a small business owner. I am currently on an Education Commission, the 1st Chair for the Home and School Board, and one of the board members for a small software company. I’m able to devote my time to these organizations because I am also a stay at home dad. I love being home with our 2 year old daughter and being available to coach our 10 year old and 12 year old boys in all their various sports and activities. When I am not busy doing all of those things I love to get out and play soccer!

Having a healthy mind, body and soul are extremely important to me which is why I have recently acquired a certification in personal training and sports nutrition. My goals for this class are full body workouts for strength and balance with bits of cardio mixed into the workout. I will also be working on healthy lifestyle changes. I am really excited to share my knowledge with all of you to achieve your goals.

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Kari Foster

Yoga Instructor

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Katelyn Gibson

JUMPS Instructor

Hi there!  I started coming to Salsa City Fitness in 2016 after graduating from Miami University. I was looking for a way to get in shape since I no longer live walking distance from the campus rec center. A friend of mine and fellow instructor, Mikayla Gao, (shout out) told me about Salsa City and invited me to come to Zumba with her. I had taken a hip hop dance exercise class at Miami and loved it so I thought I’d give it a go. After my first Zumba class I LOVED it! The atmosphere and community I have gained through Salsa City has been unreal! After a lot of contemplation, I decided to get Zumba certified in November of 2017! I now teach JUMPS and sub ZUMBA classes at Salsa City! I have also created a health account on Instagram (@healthykg13) *shameless plug* to keep me accountable and to hopefully encourage others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I am so excited to start teaching and spreading the joy and fun that Zumba brought into my life with others!

In addition, having a degree in Marketing and experience with web design I teamed up with Liza to help take Salsa City to the next level when it came to marketing strategies. One of the first things we talked about was revamping the website and so what you are on right now is the new product! We are constantly working on improvements and have a lot more exciting things to come!

Can’t wait to see you in class!

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ZUMBA Fitness

Sarah Gillenwater

Barre Intensity Instructor

A Miami County native, Sarah currently lives and works in Tipp City with her husband and two kids. With a background in dance, Sarah took an interest in the Barre technique because of the familiar fundamentals. What she didn’t expect was the overall passion it would plant for a healthy lifestyle. In 2017, Sarah received her certification in Barre Intensity and is currently working toward her master certification in the technique. Sarah feels health and mental wellbeing are a crucial part to life balance. With every student that enters a class, she tries to understand their lifestyle and purpose for being there. She believes that everyone walks through the studio door for a different reason and wants that reason to be fulfilled. She loves when her students start seeing progress in their bodies and the confidence that builds. 

Sarah’s class motto is “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.” 

Aside from being an instructor at Salsa City Fitness, she is the Director of Marketing for Pink Ribbon Girls and also teaches Barre at the Miami County YMCA.


About Barre Intensity

Barre Intensity® combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. We incorporate small isolated movement to fatigue the muscles, large range motion to elevate the heart rate, and sequencing that incorporates upper and lower body to make every minute count. This results in a total body workout that leaves you mentally strong and feeling accomplished.


Mandy Johnston-Allen

CARDIO DRUMMING Instructor/ BARBELL PUMP Instructor/ STRONG by Zumba Instructor

I am a Troy High School graduate and a former little league cheerleading coach.  I started my fitness journey by falling in love with Zumba.  I started taking Liza’s Zumba class January 2016.   I loved it so much I decided to get my Zumba certification.   From there it was all up hill.  I am now an Ace Certified Group instructor, Zumba instructor, and Strong by Zumba instructor.  I love fitness and helping others.  This is my new love and retirement plan.  I have worked for USPS for 23 years and at 49 years old I can retire with 30 years of service.  I want to continue my life with my new carrier as Personal Trainer specializing in Senior fitness and those with physical and mental limitations.  Everyone can work out and have fun and that is my goal to show everyone fitness is fun.

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STRONG by Zumba

Brandi Kuder

POUND Rockout.Workout. Instructor/ BARBELL PUMP instructor

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POUND Rockout. Workout


Shelagh McGovern

Owner McGovern Dance/ Irish Dance Instructor

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Debbie & Steve Minnich

Line Dance Instructor

Steve and I learned the Electic Slide on our Honeymoon Cruise and haven't stopped trying to learn new ones. He has a music background and I like to dance. However, I say that he can't lead and he says that I won't follow so Line Dance is perfect! You get some excercise while working your brain, trying to put the steps together in the correct order. It is such fun when a song comes on and everybody can dance to it!


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Colleen Moore

Belly Dance Instructor

Middle Eastern dance, more popularly known as belly dance, is a beautiful and expressive art form that has been passed from mother to daughter and woman to woman for a thousand generations.  Not only can it help you burn calories (up to 350 calories per hour) and tone muscle, it is also a wonderful activity for developing fitness, grace, a sense of timing and self-esteem.

Colleen has been belly dancing for over 15 years. She performs with her troupe, Cairo Mystique, in various locations throughout the Miami Valley. She has studied Middle Eastern dance, also known as Raqs Sharqi, in classes held by various local artists like Kira (of Kira’s Oasis) and Zattana Al-Naseem (of Troupe Roja) and in workshops from national artists including Aziza, Bozenka, Karim Nagi and many more. Her dance is heavily influenced by the Egyptian Cabaret style and fuses elements of tribal and modern dance to create unique and fun choreographies and performances. 

Colleen began teaching beginner belly dance classes at a studio in Centerville, OH, in 2012. She brought her class to Salsa City Fitness in 2014.  In Colleen’s class, students will learn basic belly dance moves, proper posture, and some stretching techniques. She will provide structured drills of foundational movements to help students develop good form and technique as well as creative dance combinations to use for practice or performances. Colleen’s friendly and upbeat instruction fuses traditional Middle Eastern music with more contemporary songs to create an atmosphere that is casual and fun. All levels and background of dance are welcome, even those with no experience at all!


Kim Pennington

Yoga Trapeze/ Candlelight Restorative Yoga

Kimberly began practicing Yoga in January of 2015. She made a New Year’s resolution that year, the only one she ever kept, that she would start practicing yoga every day as a natural remedy for anxiety in which she had suffered from for many years. To her surprise yoga not only eased her anxiety but also boosted her mood, gave her incredible mental and physical strength. This beginning soon led her to become a teacher of this great art. You can expect Kimberly’s classes to be strong and challenging as well as fun and safe. She will incorporate dynamic movement into poses to upbeat music that raises your energy levels and leaves one feeling awesomely blissful! Kimberly’s goal as an instructor is to bring each student into the present moment as she creates an atmosphere where everyone feels confident in their own skin as their true selves. All she asks is to meet her on the mat and she will meet you with open arms and an open heart. “We all have a light beaming within us and we must not let anyone or anything hide that light” – Kimberly Pennington.

Kathleen Summers

Master Yoga Instructor/ Aerial Yoga Instructor

Kathleen Summers studied Yoga in Arizona where she was certified as a Master-Level Yoga Teacher and in Holy Yoga.  She owned a beautiful yoga studio in North Phoenix, Arizona teaching private and group classes, offering  healing sessions as well.  During this time Kathleen studied under brilliant yoga instructors with varying backgrounds.  Her intuitive style and love for the practice of yoga invites students of all levels.


Jeff Webb

Black Belt/ Level III Krav Maga Instructor

Head Instructor, Jeff Webb, holds a Black Belt and Level 3 Instructor certification with IKI.  Jeff also has a M.Ed. in leadership and has over 10 years of teaching experience.

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