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2024 New Year’s Challenge

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Cathy Lucente
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Practicing a healthier you has never been sweeter- thanks Yogi for attending with us!Yoga Attendance

I am one week into this challenge and am down 2 pounds on the scale which is encouraging! Still have a ways to go, but am feeling motivated still at this point. I attended classes 5 days last week at Sslsa City, increased my daily water intake, and have been more mindful of food choices and portion sizes. I’ve also found it’s so much easier for me to stick to routines on weekdays when I’m busier than on weekends when I have more time available (to eat, lol!). I didn’t eat out at all last week which saved both money and calories.. I’ve also needed a wake up call on portion sizes as my idea of a serving size is usually waayyy off base 😂

I should keep it real by saying I’ve started out strong in the past before with weight loss and then let my motivation fizzle after a week or two, so it’s still taking a big daily effort to stay with this.

Anyone else care to share how their first week has gone and any pointers that have been working for you?

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