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7 Tips To Hep You Keep Your New Years Resolutions.

Every New Year, people around the globe make resolutions to improve their lives. The

tradition can be traced back about 4,000 years to the Babylonian civilization. Unlike the Babylonians who celebrated the new year in spring, the western world welcomes the new year in winter, much like the Romans. According to ancient Roman scriptures, farmers were expected to start the first of January by doing tasks they intended to do throughout the year.

Something to think about: Is your new year's resolution geared towards achieving a goal or more aligned with getting a result?

The Hard Truth : Resolution Realities

Set Goals for 2022

According to research conducted by Google, in a project called Zeitgeist, health-related resolutions predominated in the US.

Weight-loss and healthy eating are some of the most common new years resolutions. However, a roaring eighty percent of new gym members quit working out within the first five months of signing up. In fact, many resolvers quit by the second weekend of February.

However, research from The "Journal of Clinical Psychology" shows, "New Year's resolutions are ten times more likely to actually change their behavior than people who don't make these yearly goals."

Why Do New Years Resolutions Fail?

Don't quit, join Salsa City

"Why do New Years Resolutions fail? Mainly because they are only a statement or what we wish for in the coming year.

There are usually no action plans, no deadlines, no backup plans. Sometimes they are unrealistic resolutions, with no other thought or plans besides the statement." ~ Catherine Pulsifer

Before we learn to stick to our resolutions, let's take a look at why they don't work.

  1. Going Plan Free - A goal without a plan is just a wish. Planning groceries and meals prevents binging. Planning workouts prevents excuses.

  2. Time Flies - One of the most popular excuses for ditching resolutions is lack of time. Fitness and health are a marathon, not a sprint. Prioritizing and planning can help prevent the time crunch.

  3. I Quit- Having a support system in place can prevent you from quitting when times get tough. At Salsa City, our fit fam can help you set small goals to keep the momentum going.

  4. Biting off more than one can chew- Setting unrealistic expectations are the first folly of resolutions. Try setting monthly or weekly goals to chisel away at a larger fitness goal. Rome wasn't built in a day.

  5. Flying solo- All the single people striving to crush those goals, you don't have to face this challenge alone. Our fit community will not only help you remain true to your goal but also offer much-needed motivation, tips, and so much more.

  6. Forget Me Not- As school starts, some resolutions get stored away with the Christmas ornaments. Don't leave your goals behind; incorporate them into the schedule for 2022.

  7. Social Butterfly - Social life doesn't compete with being fit. While you can continue to enjoy social gatherings, a nutrition and fitness plan will help you stay on track.

  8. Where did the motivation go?- Sometimes, a month into meal planning and working out, the motivation can seemingly vanish. Start a fitness program with Salsa City Fitness; we can help keep you motivated with our energetic instructors, monthly engagement, and more.

Tips To Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Salsa City Fitness Goals

Ready to give yourself a "fresh start."

Let's dive into some strategies that can help you keep your goals.

  1. Start Small: Narrow down what you want to resolve to accomplish and set short-term goals. Research shows achieving small goals helps keep individuals motivated to reach bigger targets. Rather than resolving to run a marathon, resolve to start running a specific distance for a specific time every day for one month, then move on to next month's goal.

  2. Plan: Once you have a goal, make a plan. We can help. Our dedicated team of trainers are waiting to help you on your fitness journey. We offer one-on-one nutritional coaching to help clients look and feel healthier.

  3. Don't all or nothing it: One missed workout or cheat meal does not nullify all past and future efforts. Try your best to stay on track, but don't give up because of one miss-step.

  4. Display your accomplishments: A great way to remain motivated is to share your wins. Keep a journal, blog, or post on social media.

  5. Reward yourself: Treating yourself to a monthly reward for accomplishing goals, such as a shopping spree, a massage, a night out, or other enjoyable activities, can be very encouraging.

  6. Be kind to yourself: Remember, the journey to fitness is a journey to health , both physical and mental. Avoid self-criticism, techniques of deprivation, and other punitive methods; instead, engage in encouraging self-talk positive motivation, and re-set your goals if you stray from them.

  7. Remember, it is not just the goal but the journey that counts: Consult our experts to help you plan a safe and healthy weight-loss plan.

Start your resolution ritual on a strong footing this year. Do you have any tips and tricks that help you maintain your new year's resolution? Let us know in the comments below.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness

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