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The Heal or Die Lifestyle

Let’s take a look at the words “diet” and “health”. The first 4 letters in “health” are HEAL and the first 3 letters in “diet” are DIE. That is a bit harsh, but it is an interesting observation. Diets can be useful, but how do we incorporate diet into a healthy lifestyle? There are many reasons people struggle to maintain good eating habits. If we are not mentally prepared for a life long journey, the chance for success is limited. As you can see from the picture attached, there is a very different perspective when thinking about a “diet” and your “health”. Let’s start with diet. Diets are great for kick starting a new life style. However, a typical “diet” plan usually is starving your body of certain nutrients your body needs to be healthy. Whether it’s a no carb diet, low fat diet or a dangerously low calorie diet, you are probably not getting everything your body needs to thrive. There is a heavy focus on quick weight loss. In order to become healthy, we need to fuel our body and the process is not quick. It is a life long process that will continue to evolve.

So how do we become healthier? The first step is deciding for yourself that you are ready to make a life long commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It is a mistake to think that a new diet plan will quickly take off some weight then everything will be fine. A healthy diet doesn’t have an end date. It is a life long journey. Once you make that commitment, then you can choose to do a temporary diet to get you some quick weight loss, but it needs to be part of the bigger plan. For example, if you choose a no carb diet for 3 months, use those 3 months to learn about complex carbs vs simple carbs. This way you can start to introduce the good carbs into your diet to fuel your body. Knowledge is key to a healthy balanced diet. You must have a clear understanding of what you are eating and how it affects your body. Health is not just about diet. There is a physical and mental aspect that must be addressed to become healthy. Exercise must be part of your lifestyle. Making good daily diet choices that fuel your bodies to have the energy it takes to exercise is essential. As your diet improves, your exercise habits will improve as well. You must prepare yourself mentally for this life long journey. Focus on your good habits and build from there. Believe in yourself. Becoming a healthier person will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. You will be able to handle stress with ease, swiftly conquer common illness, feel happier, self confidence will grow, and you will inspire others around you. A fitness instructor and friend of mine always used to say something during class that has stuck with me. I’ll end with his words. “Get your mind right!” -Bil Tipton

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