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Miracles of Medical Massage

As we head into the holidays, many of us will be seeing our friends and families after a long time. While social gatherings are the essence of the festive season, they come with hidden stressors and pressures. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, "Thirty-eight percent of people said their stress levels increase during the holidays."

Impact of seasonal stress on bodily systems

Stress has adverse effects on all physiological systems; let's take a look at the impact of stress on various bodily functions

How stress affects the Musculoskeletal system:

- It can cause muscle tension, resulting in chronic headaches, backaches, and pains.

-It can trigger stress-related disorders such as autoimmune.

For the Respiratory system:

-It can cause shortness of breath, rapid breathing, trigger conditions like asthma and panic attacks.

How stress affects the Cardiovascular system

-Stress hormones adversely impact the heart; they can dilate blood vessels, raise blood pressure, heart rate, and increase chances of hypertension or stroke.

How stress affects the Endocrine system

-An increase in cortisol can lead to metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity, depression, and chronic fatigue.

How stress affects the Gastrointestinal system

Stress reduces good bacteria in the gut and can trigger bloating, pain, and digestive discomfort.

Stress can also increase acid reflux and gas and increase stomach ulcers inflammation.

How stress affects the Reproductive system

Stress can cause menstrual disruptions, lowered sex drive, increased chances of UTIs and prostate conditions, poor fertility, and more.

Prepare yourself and your loved ones to face stress with some relaxing massage therapies from Salsa City Fitness.

The ancient art of Massage therapy has been used for centuries in traditional eastern medicine as an alternative remedy for chronic pain and other physiological conditions.

Massage therapy is NOT a replacement for medical treatment; it does not compensate for poor lifestyle choices; it can, however, assist the body in recovery.

How medical massage helps combat stress

There are several forms of medical massages; therapists use a combination of techniques to help their clients look and feel their very best.

The three most popular massage therapies are Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, and Therapeutic massage. Your massage therapist may use these combined with other techniques to achieve optimal results.

Human bodies have layers of muscles; during a deep tissue massage, therapists use specialized techniques to access soft tissue, helping the muscles stretch and spread, inducing relaxation and reducing pain.

Fun fact: The Swedish massage was invented by a Swedish physician who wanted to find a way to reduce inflammation from athletic activity.

Sweedish massage therapy is used to increase circulation. The massage therapist works to help the client relax on a physiological and psychological front.

During a therapeutic massage, the therapist applies gentle pressure over soft tissues. This massage can target specific pain, such as a stiff neck. A therapeutic massage also encourages lymphatic drainage, improves flexibility and more

Regular massages during colder months help the body remain supple and reduce chances of injury.

Overall, massage therapy helps

-Improve range of motion, reduce muscle pain and inflammation

-Improve skin, nail, and hair health

-Boost immunity and energy levels

-Improve circulation, gut health, digestion, and metabolism

-Improve sleep quality

-Improve mental health

And so much more.

For a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of medical massage, read this article from the Cleveland Clinic. READ NOW

Christmas Couples Massage at Salsa City Fitness Troy

Gift yourself and your boo a therapeutic sixty-minute medical-massage.

After buying the family their Christmas gifts, you're going to deserve to treat yourself! Make it a date night with your Santa baby or a girl's day with your bestie. You'll leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of your Christmas shopping! Hurry, book an appointment asap; limited spots available.

Tools to enhance massage therapy

Sometimes massage therapy is accompanied by essential oils or hot stones and other implements. These techniques further enhance the effectiveness of medical massages.

The benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to complement alternate healing. Oils help in relaxation and mindfulness. Essential oils offer several benefits for the mind and body. They can calm, energize, decongest, relax, rejuvenate, and more.

Pamper yourself this holiday season with an ultrasonic aromatherapy oil diffuser from Salsa City; add humidity to your room while enjoying the relaxing scent of your favorite aromatherapy oil. SHOP NOW

Is your heart feeling the holidays, but your body isn't? At Salsa City Fitness, we are offering a limited-time aromatherapy add-on treatment. Add Candy Cane Lane Lymphatic Drainage to any massage therapy to clear your sinuses and alleviate headaches using a Gua-Sha stone and other tools.

Breathe in the nostalgic scent of candy canes as you feel your sinus pressure melt away! Add onto any massage for just $12

Christmas Candy Cane Aromatherapy Christmas Couples Massage at Salsa City Fitness Troy

Immerse yourself in complete holiday bliss with a Holiday Cheer Warm Towel Facial Massage. Feel your facial muscles completely relax as your face is wrapped with warm towels infused with our special Holiday Cheer essential oil blend and massaged to promote circulation and healthy skin. Add onto any massage for just $12 more!

The benefits of hot stones

Other popular massage tools include hot stones. During a hot stone massage, smooth temperature-controlled stones are placed on strategic points along the body to help relieve muscle pain, stress, promote sleep, boost immunity, and more.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Take a break from the cold weather and warm up with a hot stone massage! Our NEW apple cider essential oil blend paired with hot stones is the perfect relaxation combination, guaranteed to warm you up from head to toe. Add onto to any massage for just $12!

Apple Cider Essential Oil Hot Stone Christmas Couples Massage at Salsa City Fitness Troy

Happy Holidays

By Sargam Merchant

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