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Six Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil

Aromatherapy is an ancient alternative healing treatment. Origins of this therapy can be traced back to 3500 years BC. An increasing number of people have grown to realize the benefits of aromatherapy; apart from smelling wonderful, these essential oils can be used to improve physical and psychological wellness.

With the growing demand for essential oils, it is more important than ever to take a minute and read the label. Understand the purity and authenticity of the product before you purchase it. Recently, a large grocery chain recalled a selection of its essential oil-infused room sprays due to a dangerous bacteria linked to two deaths!

The packaging of a quality essential oil will often describe the herb or botanical used to make the concentrate, how it was grown, the method of distillation, and finally, the amount of "carrier oil," if any. True essential oils are created from concentrated plant materials; if used correctly, they can be highly therapeutic.

Psychological benefits of essential oil

  • Better mood

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Physiological benefits of essential oils

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Relives pain.

  • Reduce nausea.

  • Relieve headaches.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most frequently used oils. It is gentle and versatile. Lavender essential oil was one of the first recognized aromatherapy oils. French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse documented using lavender oil to treat a burn injury in 1935.

Ways to use Lavender Essential Oil

Relaxing Bath:

Create a home spa add a few drops of essential oil to your bath. For daily use, take 60ml of water in a cup, add three drops, and place in your shower; as the shower steams up, the essential oil will circulate. Alternatively, mix a few drops of Lavender EO with Epsom salt, and use to soak sore feet.

Massage Oil:

Combine a few drops of essential oil with sweet almond or sesame oil and massage arms and legs. Ensure not to use a concentrated mix as directly applying high concentrates of essential oil can irritate your skin. Massaging the soles of your feet with this mix can promote sleep.

Room Refresher:

Winter weather can limit fresh air in your home. Keep the odors at bay with these easy hacks. Add to your tired potpourri to freshen up your closet or bathroom.

Mix with water and use to mist linens and refresh upholstery. You can even use it for your car.

Cleaner and Bug Repellent:

Add a bit of lavender oil to your favorite hand wash, floor cleaner, or laundry detergent.

You can also mix in a bit of lavender oil to your lotion to keep the bugs away. Keep your closet moth free, soak a few pea-sized cotton balls in lavender oil, make a few holes in a ziplock, and place the lavender-soaked cotton in it. Hang the ziplock in your closet.

Up Your Ironing Game :

Mix in two drops of lavender oil to the water in your steamer or iron before starting it, and give yourself and your clothes a little extra TLC.

Carpet Refresher:

Mix a few drops of lavender oil with baking soda, sprinkle on your carpet, vacuum after 30 mins. Not only does this team of odor eliminators fight stubborn pet smells, but it also returns carpets to their original plushness.

If you are ready to buy your own Lavender essential oil, visit our shop page. We carry artNaturals therapeutic grade lavender essential oil available at Salsa City. Don't forget to pick up an ultrasonic aromatherapy defuser.

Let us know how you use your aromatherapy oil in the comments below.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness.

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