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Fall in Love with a Healthier YOU

Fall fitness

At Salsa City Fitness, Troy, we are always trying new ways to encourage members to continue their fitness journey by incorporating motivating challenges, parties, and prizes into our fitness program.

We concluded our Summer Fitness Challenge in July with Challengers feeling the heat of the Summer Shape Up. If you, like many others, are hard-pressed on time; or you need a little nudge in the right direction to find the right fitness routine for yourself, and want a safe and meaningful management plan to help you plan your meals, exercise, set goals, meet targets, all while feeling the love and support from a group of encouraging fitness experts, you are in the right place.

Reasons to join a fitness Challenge.

Fitness is a choice, a journey not a sprint, our fit community has your back on your fitness journey.

Still skeptical about the Challenge? Join the Salsa City Membership and try the Challenge for free. Apart from recipes and fast passes to fitness classes, members benefit from free access to challenges and more.

Challenges can be transformational, and while we believe fitness is a marathon, not a sprint, we encourage everyone, age and fitness level no bar, to participate in challenges. When you commit to fitness, even for a month-long challenge, you begin to see a difference in the way you eat and move; our fitness community encourages you to be your best self, to incorporate fitness into your routine, and make mealtime a nurturing, enriching experience rather than a binge in front of the television.

Why our Challenges work

Liza is the founder of Salsa City, A seasoned fitness expert, allow her to guide you on your fitness journey.

Each Challenge is tailored to seasonal needs. Liza, the founder of Salsa City Fitness, designs each Challenge personally. Her programs are based on years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of health principles. With expertise in health and fitness, her fitness routines are a gentle way to reset your body's metabolism. Challenges consider whether seasonal fluctuations, festivities, etc., to help you include fitness in your daily lifestyle. We have found, the most sustainable way to live a healthier life is to include fitness in your usual activities. When we design a challenge, we create a flexible schedule that you can mold according to your convenience.

How does this Challenge help you?

It's never to late to start working on your health, age and fitness level no bar.

Our holistic challenges cover overall wellness. We are never just focused on weight loss; we emphasize strength and health. This means we focus just as much on mental wellness as we do on physical health. Daily tasks include Journal Prompts; these help you set goals, celebrate victories, and learn from shortcomings. They encourage acknowledging wins and processing lows productively. We almost always include soul-satisfying activities like meditations, mindfulness, etc to help raise your vibrations and feel oneness between body, mind, and soul.

Apart from mental wellness, we encourage physical fitness through access to classes, nutritious recipes, and complete knowledge of fitness from our dedicated team of instructors.

Challengers are provided the opportunity to win prizes from massages to merch through meeting daily and weekly goals.

Everything you need to know about this Challenge.

This month will are bringing you our Fall Fitness Challenge; here is everything you need to know about it.

Turn over a new leaf by falling in love with a healthier you this season! Release old habits, create a loving environment, cultivate a culture of health and healing for yourself and others, and harvest the fruits of your labors with a glow that will keep you fired up for your health goals all season long!

1. Sign up for the Challenge and commit to be fit P.S members join free.

We're so confident in your results that we challenge you to join us for four weeks- we guarantee you will experience positive change and will tackle the season feeling encouraged and refreshed!

This 4-week Challenge is FREE for members (only $24 for non-members), and comes with homework, recipes, all of our live streaming workouts with $5 in-studio option upgrades, on-demand classes to do at your own pace, and so much more (click the link below for the complete list). With all of this in mind and knowing you will be in a community of love, acceptance, and growth, you literally have nothing to lose other than maybe some unhealthy habits and pounds!

2. Print a schedule and prepare yourself for the season of change.

Schedules help you set goals and stay on track to achieve them; they are also an encouraging reminder to schedule in time for wellness.

Having a plan and celebrating small wins will help keep you motivated.

3. Join us for four full weeks of live-streaming workouts ($5/ in-studio Basic class upgrades available to non-member participants)

Make a list of workouts like classes you want to attend every week and sign up - View our Schedule HERE.

4. Exercise and nutrition are two sides of the same coin. Vow to eat healthier; we will provide meal prep ideas & recipes to help you along the way.

Follow nutrition tips to eat clean. P.S. Members get access to lots of healthy recipes on our website under-nutrition - recipes.

5. Mental health is just as important as physical wellness; we will give you journal prompts and daily homework to keep your mind in sync with your body.

6. Complete mini goals like sharing your daily homework/ fitness and earn points towards winning prizes.

We are offering delightful prizes for accomplishing goals.

Warm Sugar Scrub Vanilla Add-ons

Hot Cider Stone Massage Combo

Salsa City Sweater Weather Gear

Class Passes

Nutritional Coaching

Personal Training

And More

Why wait? Join Today! Energize Exhale and Empower yourself to be the best you.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness.

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