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Summer Shape-Up At Salsa City

Hi Team Fit,

The summer heat is kicking up temperatures here in Troy, Ohio, and we are set to turn our fitness fun up a notch.

Salsa City Fitness Studio has a BRAND NEW SCHEDULE.

If you're a member or a regular, view our NEW SCHEDULE HERE.

Speaking of new things, we have a brand new Challenge starting July 17th

Summer Shape-Up Challenge

This 14-Day Summer Challenge is packed with fitness fun.

Shape up your body, mind, and soul.

This challenge offers 14 Days of Daily Mindfulness, Meal Planning, Nutrition Hacks, Journal Prompts, Home workouts, and of course, In-Studio Workouts.

Members Join FREE

If you're still nervous about signing up, read on.

Why do we do these challenges? We love our team fit, and we want to do everything we can to keep you motivated.

We are always trying to take the work out of the workout and make exercise challenging, engaging, and fun for everyone.

Because we know how hard it can be to lose focus and feel de-moralized, we try to keep y'all engaged with challenges that allow you the opportunity to try something new, mix it up, set new goals, and most importantly, get moving.

So what is the science behind the challenge culture? Allow me to speak #geek for just a bit. Our brains have a reward system. Neurons that release dopamine are activated when we expect to receive a reward. EXPECT to receive! This means dopamine kicks in BEFORE we even get a reward. So essentially, its real job is to encourage us to act to achieve.

Think of us as the dopamine behind your dopamine. This entire challenge is set to motivate you to set goals, acknowledge accomplishments, record progress, and enjoy the journey to a healthier you.

If you're looking for some guidance a bit of a push in the right direction for fitness, this is for you.

In-Studio Classes (Also available for streaming)

We offer an assortment of classes from Aerial Yoga to Zumba. We have something for everyone. Age no bar, we accommodate clients of every fitness level. Our dedicated team of instructors are waiting to help you achieve your goals.


This challenge comes with personalized exercises like five minutes of mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness helps improve focus, clarity, peace and reduces stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness essentially means acknowledging thoughts and feelings while being able to focus on the present. Easier said than done? We know, and that's exactly why we are here to help you through it. This challenge will guide you through mindfulness exercises starting at basic and progressing to intermediate.

Just as we are working on toning our bodies, let's tone our mind's too.


Summer Shape-Up comes with daily nutritional reminders, recipes, meal plans, and more.

If you are looking for a deeper level of nutritional coaching, sign up for our 30-Day Nutritional Coaching Program.

This program includes

-Initial Consultation with weight and body measurements and a physical health assessment, individualized suggested calorie intake as well as Intermittent Fasting Option & support handouts

-SCTeamFIT Manual with approved food lists, journaling prompts, and more

-Recipes/ Meal Planning Tips

-Online Coaching+ tracking sheets and much more

Find out more HERE

Journal Prompts

Journaling is a great way to reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Contrary to popular belief, journal entries do not have to be pages on end. They can be as long or as short as you would like. Journalling can be done in the form of writing, drawing, painting, or typing. Incorporating crafts makes it more fun for children to learn to journal. As for adults on a time crunch, you can journal on email, notes, apps, anywhere you'd like.

Often people journal for mental health. This is super helpful in mindfulness tasks, emotional rationalization, and identifying alternate ways to express yourself.

When it comes to physical health, journaling helps us keep track of exercise, food, sleep and can even give us an insight into emotional eating or stress eating.

Try to use the journal prompts from the 14 Day Summer Shape Up to help you start your journal journey.


When you join Salsa City Fitness, you become a part of our fitness family. We help you set realistic goals and work towards those goals because when you meet your goals, we meet ours.

Why it's important to track progress is to find the most effective way to train your body to become stronger and fitter.

Goals also help you find a sense of accomplishment in meeting targets. Taking one step at a time until you accomplish what you've set out for.

Whether it's to train for a marathon or lose weight for better health, we help clients of all ages and fitness levels GOal GET EM!


Participate in the challenge and win fun prizes for meeting your goals.

We want to acknowledge your accomplishments. Each small win counts as a step in the right direction. From drinking enough water to getting enough sleep when you're looking to improve your health, lifestyle changes matter. When you are a part of our fit community, you will see, we are always cheering each other on. Sharing your accomplishments like meal prep, attending a class, or journaling can help you stay on track as well as inspire others to come aboard.

Back to the brain and how the reward center works. When you're working towards a prize, simply working towards it is also a positive, dopamine-inducing experience.

Though we are giving out fun prizes and having a party at the end of our challenge, isn't the biggest prize of all better health? Each and every one of us could use improvement in some aspect of our overall health. So not only will this challenge help you tone your muscles, beat cravings, and form better food habits, it will also help you tone your mind-muscle into better thinking habits.

So join us for the Summer Shape Up Challenge and work on your body, mind, and soul to get the momentum going on your fitness goals.

If you still want more information on the challenge, get in touch with us, and we will give you a FREE 3-Day Detox- No strings attached.

By Sargam Merchand

For Salsa City Fitness

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