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Fall In Love With The Season.

Seasonal changes call for changed eating and fitness habits as well. This week's blog outlines changes you can make in your lifestyle to help adjust to the colder and drier air set to come our way in the months to come.

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Fall in Love With Food

October brings with it tempting Halloween treats. Not to mention the rich food that comes with fall-festivities, here is how you can hack the cravings.

Tips to tackle fall cravings

Shopping Hack

Always shop on a full stomach. Having eaten before you make your food choices gives you the upper hand in choosing ingredients to make meals that suit your fitness goals.

Make a rough meal plan for the week and stick to your shopping list

Give in to tiny cravings, but don't go for the bulk bags.

Seasonal Favorites

Each season brings seasonal produce; check out our blog on winter produce HERE.

Planning Meals

Make sure to have a balanced daily nutritional quota that includes proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat.

Skipping the protein and carbs can make it hard to curb cravings.

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Fit-tip: According to the principles of Ayurveda, Ghee helps keep the body internally lubricated during colder months. It also adds a glow to skin and hair.

Fall asleep better

Getting your body to follow a new routine can get exhausting. Earlier sunsets mean lesser daylight, and colder air means more time cozying in blankets. Practicing Yoga can help reset your body clock and align your circadian rhythm.

Tips to help you sleep

Benefits of a relaxing bath

Try taking a warm bath with relaxing essentials oils of your choice. Baths not only help relax the muscles and the mind but also help induce better sleep. The temperature change post a warm soak triggers the body to cool down.

Benefits of using humidifiers and essential oils

Using diffusers or humidifiers with essential oils helps ease dry air-related ailments and keeps your home smelling fresh.

Sleep benefits of Chamomile tea.

You could also try sipping on relaxing Chamomile tea; known for its calming properties, this tea is fit to become a part of your nighttime routine.

Bedtime - Benefits of putting your phone away

Tuning out of social media and putting away electronics at a set time is a good habit to help get a tech cleanse every night before bed. Blue light is known to hinder sleep quality; pick up a book instead.

Benefits of meditating for sleep

Meditating daily can also help calm anxiety and reduce stress. Meditating can also promote better sleep quality.

Benefits of journaling

A great way to reflect on the day is to maintain a gratitude journal. Making a note of a few things you are grateful for every night can help reduce the burdens of any other concerns you might be thinking of and turn your nighttime routine into a positive experience.

Fit-tip: Try a few soothing stretches after your nightly bath to relax your muscles. Interested? Get in touch with our instructors.

Fall into a new routine

Fitness during colder months isn't just to shape up; it helps condition joints, improves range of motion and flexibility, making it less likely to develop stiff, sore muscles due to the cold.

Just as important as exercise is the warm-up and cool down. These help ease your body into the workout minimizing chances of injury.

Developing a daily stretching routine can help condition your body every morning.

Try these yoga poses -

10 Sun Salutations

5 Twists

5 warrior poses

5 toe-touch hamstring stretches

5 cat pose / camel pose

Fit tip: Make sure you start small, take the time you need to pick up the pace on your fitness.

When you join our classes, let the instructor know your fitness level and experience. Our team of trainers always encourage students to take classes at their own pace, slowing down and taking a quick break when needed.

Remember to be kind to your body and appreciate all it does for you.

Energize Exhale Empower.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness, Troy.

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