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Four Reasons To Invest In Good Exercise Clothes

We are so excited to announce the launch of our latest athleisure collection, a curated combination of comfort and style; we have handpicked the trendiest and functionally optimal fitness wear.

Designed for performance, we are proud to bring our members a brand new line of limited-edition of athletic wear.

Four Reasons To Wear Proper Gym Attire

When it comes to fitness, what you wear goes a long way in determining performance, confidence, and comfort. The right kind of workout gear does much more than helping fitness enthusiasts look stylish while meeting their fitness goals.

Optimizes Performance

Athletic wear is designed to offer unrestricted movement. The fabrics are molded to fit like a second skin, offering flexibility, support, and free range of motion. The goal is to eliminate any restrictions in movement caused by bunching, pinching, stretching, or chafing.

The key is to find fitness wear that allows flexibility while offering slight compression. Fabrics that offer compression around the veins encourage blood flow and oxygen circulation. Heightened levels of oxygen boost energy and endurance, enhancing form and performance.

Wearing compression athleisure can help keep your energy levels up while working out, cleaning the house, walking the dog, or even while running errands.

Fit Tip: Make sure to choose the right size of athletic wear. Clothing that is too tight can cause discomfort while working out, while clothing that is too loose will hinder smooth movement.

Helps Tempreture Control

Apart from avoiding embarrassing stains, the right kind of fitness wear offers breathability. Moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal for keeping sweat at bay while you power through an intense workout.

The body uses the process of thermoregulation to expend heat that gets built up during exercise by using the skin to eliminate heat into the environment. Fabrics that limit breathability can prevent the body from getting rid of body heat. Additionally, some synthetic fabrics can act as heat conductors, causing the skin to retain heat.

Breathable layers are essential for working out, even during colder months. They keep the muscles loose and encourage the body to exercise its natural temperature regulation system.

Contrary to popular belief, cotton clothes aren't the ideal choice when it comes to athletic wear. They tend to absorb sweat adding bulk to the weight of your attire. Choose fabrics that are moisture-wicking which allow for evaporation of sweat and help the body in vaporization. Avoid overheating by choosing the right pair of workout clothes.

Prevents Injury

The right kind of activewear can work to support your body through challenging workouts and help prevent injury.

When you feel an intense burn during a heavy workout session, it is usually lactic acid accumulation caused by heightened activity. The right kind of athleisure can manage this accumulation, improve circulation, and aid in muscle recovery.

For women, wearing a well-fitted sports bra can help ease movements reduce the chance of back and shoulder injury, and minimize the development of mastalgia and breast ptosis.

Fun Fact: Sports bras can help regulate breathing. Researchers have found women who did not wear sports bras while exercising demonstrated shallow, short breaths due to additional pressure on the rib cage.

Fit Tip: Make sure to purchase the right size of bra. A sports bra that is too tight could put excess strain on your muscles, whereas one that is too loose will not add support for your chest.

Protects Skin

Quality athletic wear can protect the skin by preventing chafing and rashes caused by friction and itching caused by heat retention and excess moisture.

The skin is the largest organ; when we work out, it constantly eliminates oils and sweat through its pores to cool down and balance electrolyte levels. Tight and non-breathable clothing restricts this exchange, causing the sweat to become trapped, leading to bacne, and other breakouts by irritating the skin and restricting the evaporation of sweat.

Fit Tip: Put your exercise clothes in the laundry hamper after every workout. The bacteria on your clothes can cause skin problems such as cystic acne or even yeast infections! When you do the laundry, make sure to use a mild detergent on a gentle cycle to minimize the chances of skin irritation.

#Bonus, cute fitness fashion is sure to encourage you to work out.

Do you know about Enclothed Cognition? It is a psychological phenomenon that suggests the attire worn by an individual can cause positive mental changes that impact both confidence and performance.

Now that you have all the reasons, time to get shopping and buy some top-notch athletic wear to empower you through your next sweat session.

Encourage yourself to meet your fitness goals by choosing cute coordinated athleisure from Salsa City.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness.

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