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Six Tips To Love Yourself To Better Health

Self-Love and Weight Loss

Everyone knows about the cliche; Girl gets her heartbroken and goes on emotionally charged ice cream and candy binges.. but have you heard about the girl who loves herself and embarks on a journey to better health?

Today we are talking about more than just a revenge body; we are talking about loving yourself enough to want to live a healthier life.

We keep emphasizing that weight loss is just an aspect of exercise and following a healthy diet. The end goal is the reduce body fat increase muscle, strength, flexibility, and immunity.

Social media is full of feel-good movements like "love yourself", "accept your body for what it is," but what is one to do when weight becomes more than just about fitting into jeans from 2010? Sometimes the tension between the want to love and accept your body and the need to improve yourself turns into an internal scuffle.

When you join Salsa City Fitness, we set out on a journey of self-love and self-care. Our nutritional guidance and fitness programs are personalized to fit individual client needs and lifestyles.

Here are a few thought tools to encourage the spirit of self-love while working towards your fitness goals.

Self care and self love

Enjoy the journey

Health and lifestyle changes are often a process. Choose the view the journey as a positive life experience. Take joy in the luxury of shopping for fresh produce or dedicating time to your exercise routine.

Fitness goals

Set short term goals

Long-term goals are tempting to dip into but can feel overwhelming. Set short-term, weekly, or monthly goals to help yourself chip away at the greater goal. Adjust your goals to fit your health and lifestyle. If you are better off this week than you were last week, or if you managed to maintain your weight while on vacation, take it as a win rather than a setback.

Why do we work on health and fitness?

Get real about weight loss.

Don't view weight loss as the end goal; view strength, stamina, flexibility, and immunity as markers to measure your progress. If you can reach further, run longer, and feel stronger every day, you are on the right path.

Maintain the attitude of gratitude

Research from the University of Berkeley shows preliminary research suggests that people who express more gratitude enjoy better sleep and health.

While working towards weight loss, weighing yourself weekly can cause internal turmoil, always remember everything your body does for you. Thank your legs and arms and back for supporting your exercise routine.

Quit Comparing

Set your own goals, don't try to compete with others, each body is different, and while one might lose weight sooner, another might take longer to build muscle. Your body is doing the best it can, and it is constantly working to serve you better.

Practice positive affirmations

Affirmations offer a sense of strength; replace critical self-talk with positive affirmations.

-Exercise energizes my body and conditions my joints

-The food I eat nurtures my body and mind.

-I can make small changes easily. Eating right is easy for me.

-My body is strong, toned, and healthy.

-I let go of any negativity about weight.

-I surround myself with people and things that help me meet my goal.

We hope this short read has inspired you to practice body positivity on your journey to weight loss.

For more information on our nutritional coaching and workouts, visit our website today.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness.

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