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Reasons to join a spin class.

Indoor cycling Troy Ohio Salsa City Fitness

Indoor cycling

The pandemic brought on a whole new era of home fitness. Home gyms mushroomed everywhere as fitness fanatics began to stock up on sculpting supplies. One all-time favorite exercise equipment is the indoor cycle.

Spin Cycle

The spinning cycle was developed by South African bicycle racer Johnny Goldberg as a safer alternative to bicycling on the street.

The "spinning exercise" gained popularity in west Hollywood in about 1991.

Indoor Cycling is a high-energy workout that is amazing in a group setting. The motivation from fellow fitness folk, guidance from an expert instructor, commitment to a class schedule is unmatched by an at-home spin class.

How many of us have bought fitness equipment during Christmas only to find it gathering dust in the garage?

Get a great workout in 30; JOIN US for indoor Cycling with Keisha. Save the home workouts for virtual classes. Sign up for Spin and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Indor Cycling Troy Ohio Salsa City Fitness

When you spin, you win because isn't a healthy body the biggest prize for your dedication and hard work. Cycling helps you build strength and burn calories, all while being easy on your joints. When you cycle, you use so many muscles. Your core and back to stabilize your body, your upper body to support yourself on the bike, your glutes work with each pump, quadriceps build as you pedal, hamstrings loosen, and more.

Spin class is for everyone, from novice to expert. Spin can help you up your fitness game. Join us and spin into a better you.

Indoor Cycling for weight loss

The stationary bike is an excellent exercise to shed extra pounds. It helps build muscle, cuts fat, and increases stamina. Our class is the perfect place to start crushing your weight loss goals. Equipped with tools and expertise to ease you through the process, our dedicated team of instructors have everything you need to shape up.

Indoor Cycling for belly fat

A "problem area" for a lot of people is belly fat. Thirty minutes of Cycling is an effective way to lower belly fat and increase good fat. Spin uses high intensity and interval training to burn calories and build strength.

If you want to boost your body's ability to shape up, combine Indoor Cycling with our 30 Day Nutritional Guidance. Read more HERE

Indoor Cycling for glutes

Okay, so maybe not everyone wants a derriere like Kim K, but there is no downside to shaping your glutes. Indoor Cycling comes close to squatting when it comes to glutes: a hard core workout, shaping your hamstrings, calves, and upper body. Spin is proven to improve muscle quality.

Indoor Cycling for obesity

At Salsa City Fitness Troy, we aim to ensure our classes can be customized to students of all fitness levels. Indoor Cycling can be tailored to fit your pace by altering the speed and resistance. Our instructors are available to provide you guidance and help you progress at a gentle pace.

Stationary Cycling is an exercise that is gentle on joints, conditioning them as you workout.

Indoor Cycling for recovery

Spin is considered a safe exercise for those recovering from injuries. Please do address any previous injuries with your medical practitioner and our instructor before you begin a new fitness program.

The best way to start Spin after recovering from an injury is to listen to your body. Start small, take breaks, and make sure to stay hydrated. Combine Spin with exercises like yoga to improve muscle flexibility and reduce the chance of further injury.

Indoor Cycling for beginners

If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle and are ready to take the first step towards a healthier, more mobile self, Spin is the class for you. This class can go from gentle to intense based on your fitness level. Let our instructors determine the speed and resistance levels based on your health, and let us help you spin towards health and wellness.

Indoor Cycling for seniors

Our bodies are constantly changing. As we age, we often find changes in muscles, fat, and flexibility. A low-impact, safe option for indoor cardio is the stationary cycle. Spin has a multitude of benefits. From better brain function, sounder sleep, improved immunity, lower stress levels, expanded energy, milder mood.

Indoor Cycling for Chronic Conditions

For older adults, especially those with chronic conditions, Spin, if done right, can be almost therapeutic. It provides cardiovascular benefits, can help reduce bad cholesterol, and improve blood flow.

Sometimes conditions like arthritis, orthopedic issues, or joint pain prevent us from workouts. Stationary Cycling is a low-impact workout that's easy on joints, ligaments, and tendons, improving muscle endurance, making daily activities easier.

Indoor Cycling Benefits

The spin cycle is a great way to skip the bad weather, stress of Cycling on the roads, risk of injury from falling off a road bike due to uneven roads or loss of balance, and more. A lot of older adults invest in fitness equipment but fail to utilize it. Invest in a class instead of in a cycle. Indoor Cycling can be boring; there are plenty of distractions at home to derail your fitness plans. Join us and allow us to encourage you to a healthy, happy half-hour of fitness.

A fun spin class for all levels of fitness. Join us at Salsa City Fitness Troy Ohio

Indoor Cycling for runners

Are you mad for marathons, or maybe you're just starting your road to becoming a runner? Spin can help you win.

A great way to keep the endurance training going in colder winter months, especially for injury-prone runners, Spin can improve your stamina while minimizing the risk of injury.

Indoor Cycling works muscle groups complimentary to running muscles, building strength, and fixing any imbalance. Similar to running, Spin can help maintain a sustainable heart rate; combined with strength classes, you have everything you need to train your body for a better run.

A fun way to gain strength, Indoor cycling in Troy Ohio Salsa City Fitness Studio

We hope you will try out an indoor spin class and benefit from all the amazing add ons we offer with our membership. Join the Salsa City Family and combine Spin with Yoga for increased flexibility, add a strength class like POUND for added muscle development, throw in the nutritional coaching pack for a guide to healthy eating, and add a Medical Massage to soothe those sore muscles.

By Sargam Merchant

For Salsa City Fitness Troy.

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