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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Morning Meltdown

Are you ready to take on the heat? Summer is here, and we have amazing workouts lined up to help you meet your summer fitness goals. We are honored to have an exceptional trainer on the Salsa City Team for Summer Morning Workouts. Lynn Blakely is an official Jammer of Zumba and has years of special training and experience. She is licensed by Zumba to create her own choreography, travel, and teach other instructors.

Have you signed up for Salsa City's Zumba + Sculpt - "Rise and Shine Summer Special"

Join Zumba Jammer and certified group fitness expert Lynn Blakely for a Rise and Shine Special

5-class package,

Taught by Lynn Blakeley,

Thursday mornings,

May 27-June 24.

9:00 a.m. Zumba

(45)9:45 a.m. Sculpt (15)

LIVE in-studio and streaming via Zoom!

Members, these classes are included with your membership!

Drop-ins are welcome!

P.S. There will be NO CLASSES JULY 1st

***Just $25 for all 5 classes when you PREPAY!***

Only (5) spots open at this drastically reduced rate (a savings of $25 off the drop-in rate of $10/ each!)

Pre-register NOW at

(Members & drop-ins welcome to this class.)

Don't miss out. Claim this special for a limited time only NOW to save 50% OFF!

If you are on the fence about dedicated morning workouts, let us share some information to encourage you to commit.

For the Night Owls:

Even for us, 9 a.m. isn't a bad time. Summertime means the sun rises sooner, so it's brighter outside earlier than it is in the winter. Warm air makes waking up seem less stressful than in cooler months.

For Planners:

If you love to plan, schedule this in. Having a dedicated time slot for working out helps be consistent and put your fitness in line with every other plan.

For Fun Folk:

If summer is all about BBQs and beer, getting that morning workout in will keep you in top shape for all the fun.

For The Fashionista:

Being fit is always trending. Wear a cute summer outfit and join us to sweat it out. Check the "work" out of the workout by joining us for Zumba.

For the Moms:

Kids and summertime = no me time; change that, take the mornings to yourself every now and then. Come sweat it out with us. Trust us; it will energize you.

For the Social Butterfly:

If you love hanging out with your friends, start a Summer Breakfast Club. Join us for Rise and Shine, then hit up a local restaurant like Re-U or RedBerry.

It's a win-win.

Here are some benefits of working out in the A.M.

Cheat the heat

As temperatures rise, working out before the sun is too high can make a sky of a difference in your stamina. Join us to sweat it out before you chill.

Goal Getter

Setting goals is great; meeting them is awesome. A sure shot way to ensure you get your fitness in is to workout in the mornings. You haven't started doing chores, answering calls, tending to the kids, scrolling, and more, so you're less likely to get sidetracked.

Set Standards

Working out every morning can set the tone for positive food habits throughout the day. Though it is vital to get your exercise in whatever time you like, some people find morning workouts more beneficial than nighttime workouts.

Fresh Faced

Working out helps your complexion improve, its increases blood circulation and eliminates toxins. So slather on the sunscreen and go makeup-free- You Glow Girl. (or guy- everybody deserves to shine)

Stay Sharp and Sleep Better

Working out in the mornings regulates cortisol, the "stress" hormone that keeps you alert. If you naturally sleep earlier and rise about 7 a.m., your body might be programmed to exercise in the early hours. If you are looking to regulate your circadian rhythm, an early workout might be just what you need to set your sleep cycle right. Sleep better through the night by getting your fit on.

Energetic All Day

Exercise pumps your heart with oxygen and improves stamina, and it is an excellent way to reduce fatigue and improve focus.

Not Moody and Broody

Reduce stress, increase happy hormones, and reduce anxiety.

Always wake up on the right side of the bed by getting into fitness mode every morning.

Boost Metabolism

Early morning workouts are best for losing weight. Studies show morning exercise is associated with more movement throughout the day. The exercise you do in the morning also keeps your body burning fat all day.

In our summer class with Lynn, you can also lift weights, boosting your metabolism all day long. Crush your fitness goals this summer!

Balance Blood Glucose

Health is Wealth, and if you have Type 1 Diabetes, it can be challenging to work out, especially with the risk of low blood glucose. Eating balanced meals and working out in the mornings under the experienced guidance of trained instructors at Salsa City can be just what you need.

Manage Blood Pressure

Physical fitness is one of the best ways to reduce hypertension. Research shows morning workouts make a favorable change in blood pressure.

What to eat before and after working out?

Physical activity before breakfast has some benefits; however, it's essential to stabilize your blood sugar before exercise. Don't make your body suffer through scrambling for the energy it needs to power through the workout. This can cause a drop in blood sugar, headaches, nausea, and even fainting. We are always available to help you make healthier food choices with our nutrition plans. Find more information HERE.

Try to eat a small, light breakfast at least 20 before your morning workout. A balance of carbs and protein is ideal for conditioning your muscles.

Some pre-workout quick breakfast ideas are -

Banana and peanut butter (you can even add this to a slice of brown bread toast)

A bowl of sugar-free oatmeal with nuts, milk, and fruit.

A bowl of yogurt with fruit and nuts.

A small cup of coconut milk, chia, and berry pudding.

Foods like banana and coconut have a cooling effect on the body, reducing your chance of acid reflux and giving your body the energy it needs to work out. Find more seasonal superfoods HERE.

After working out, replenish your lost fluids with water or a noncarbonated beverage like coconut water.

Within 15 mins of exercising, enjoy a post-workout meal like a smoothie, a sandwich, sugar-free pancake with fruit or eggs.

We have given you so many reasons to get your fit on. Shake off the lethargy and join us. This class is great for teachers, students, parents, those who work from home, and anyone who would like to get a fitter body this summer. Join us in person or steam in live. Whatever you do, keep moving.

Energize, Exhale, Empower.

Sargam Merchant for

Salsa City Fitness Studio, Troy.

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